Past Projects

How it all Happened

How it all Happened
April 13

An Art Project

youth posing in front of mural
The arts project that was the inception to The Melawmen Collective started as a indigenous youth art project. A friend of Morgan’s kept saying he needed to connect her to a curator in the area, who then expressed that she was working with an artist on themes of space, territory,..Read More
March 21

Mobile Collaborative Art & Music Tour Bus Project

beautifully adorned native woman painting
The Collective continued as a group of artists  hosting workshops that continued sharing stories around cultural identity and historical consciousness, to then process through music, art and writing. The collective received an award in the form of a grant from Canada Council of the Arts, to do a series of..Read More
June 21


IndigenEYES was another series of workshops with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth facilitated by Meeka, Rob and Geo, teaching the significant story of genocide and colonization from an Indigenous perspective ~ through a variety of historical documents and story . The exhibition showcased the music and art of the participants, through..Read More
June 15

Kiva joins

kiva on stage
Beat Nation reflects a generation of artists who juxtapose urban youth culture with Indigenous identity in entirely innovative and unexpected ways. Using hip hop and other forms of popular culture, artists create surprising new cultural hybrids—in painting, sculpture, installation, performance and video—that reflect the changing demographics of Indigenous people today. Around..Read More
March 22

The Gathering

melawmen first band members
When the collective developed more into a ‘band’ it had had more members. This album is a fusion of different genres and voices that reflect the diversity of its artists, stories created musically through styles of roots, rock, hip hop, reggae and many things in between. After the making of..Read More
September 21

More Medicine

more medicine album cover
Hip Hop beats are the foundation the rock-folk-reggae-blues-country-jazz songs build on ,with vocal styles as individual as the artists themselves, weaving stories of life,love,freedom and justice with Indigenous voices. Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Instrumental Hip-Hop Release Date: 2016
June 21


The Melawmen Collective Skull album cover
Contemporary Indigenous Fusion ~ a musical ‘non-re’~ mixed with elements of hip hop, carried with messages of experience, manifestations and visions. 2017’s ‘Bones’ is a follow up from 2016’s ‘More Medicine’, and reflects their evolution of collaboration.  Genre: World: Indigenous Release Date: 2017
November 22

2 Rivers Remix Indigenous Youth Collaborative Music Project: Sharing Our Stories and Voices, Lytton, BC